This brief Coffee Brewing Guide will have you enjoying your Flower Power Coffee in your own home in no time! In this guide, we'll start with the coffee extraction process, the equipment you'll need for brewing, and the methods to consistently brew a delicious cup!

Extraction Basics
Coffee Extraction is the removal of the fats, lipids, volatile oils, and organic acids from the coffee bean and into the water that you will drink. In very simple terms, it is whatever the water takes from the bean so that you can enjoy an optimum cup of coffee beverage.

Roasted coffee beans are approximately 28% water-soluble. This means that you can extract just under a third of the bean's mass in water with the rest being thrown out afterwards. It is an art and a science to ensure that the ideal amount of usable bean content is extracted as too much or too little will greatly impact the taste. There is no harm in over/under extracting, but it will be the difference between a mediocre cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee!

The goal of extraction is consistency. The main factors influencing the overall extraction uniformity are the bed distribution, agitation, water distribution and the particle distribution. The key is to ensure the water covers the maximum surface area of the coffee. For pour-overs, keep the water moving across the bed and stir the bed once during the initial part of the saturation.