Frequently Asked Questions

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Do your products contain THC?

No they do not. Our lab Certificate of Analysis is available upon request and provides the following results:
DESCRIPTION: CBD Purified Organic Plant Extract
TOTAL THC CONTENT (%): <0.01% (HPLC)(Below QDL)
TOTAL THC CONTENT (ppm): <100ppm (HPLC)(Below QDL)

Is the product legal?

Yes, since we derive our CBD from hemp and since our products are tested at < .03% THC content, our products are compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill and is legal in all 50 states.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute. We do not accept CODs or cash (unless you visit us in person at a market or trade show), but we do accept money orders. To pay with a money order, print out your “Check Out” page and mail it to us with a money order covering the exact cost of your purchase, and your order will be shipped out after the money order is processed. Contact us for further details on paying with money order.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS > $20! We recommend purchasing at least $20 worth (or purchase other additional items) to avoid the flat-fee postage & handling charge of $3.60.

How long will the coffee keep fresh?

Our portion size (28 grams) makes 36 fl oz (6 coffee cups). If customers want to make just 1 or 2 cups, the bag can be closed using the airtight, resealable zip closure and the coffee will remain fresh for approximately 7 – 10 days. Some customers have found keeping the packet in the freezer helps extend the life of the coffee by another week or so but we still recommend brewing the coffee within a 2 week period after the original seal has been broken. The coffee is still safe to drink if it has been opened for more than 2 weeks, but it will not taste as robust as it would if used right away. Unopened coffee will remain fresh for up to 6 months and again, some customers have found putting it in the freezer can almost double its shelf life. If you do put the coffee in the freezer, ensure there are no foul-smelling foods (such as fish) which could be absorbed by the coffee. Note, the CBD isolate in the coffee does not go bad and will not lose effectiveness over time.

How do I prepare the coffee?

The coffee comes “pre-ground” already and is prepared using the same methods as you would for any other coffee. It is NOT instant coffee and as such, do not just add hot water (unless you are brewing “Turkish Coffee”). For single servings, we recommend either a French Press or refillable My K-Cups®. You will need to experiment and adjust to your taste but 1 – 1.5 tablespoons is a good starting point. You can also add our coffee to your other favorite coffees. Simply blend 1 tsp of Flower Power Coffee to 2 tbsp of coffee of your choice. Brew with 8 ounces of water between 195-205 degree F. Check out our Coffee Brewing Guide for further details and other brewing methods to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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