As a child, I was into cooking, especially since my family was a very close knit religious family. I was always cooking with my grandmother. At the age of eleven, I was given a book that had been passed down through the family. I read and studied this book, then at fifteen, I started working at a little restaurant washing up and helping on the grill.

That is where my career began. From there I went to a brasserie and made pizzas and sauces. I then went and trained under some amazing chefs. I took a little time off to start raising my own family. I then returned to the kitchen and trained with celebrity chefs – one of which was Andrew Nutter. After gaining experience, I went to work at a local hotel, helping win various awards including the Michelin Good Pub Guide. Since then I have worked in kitchens from the UK to Ireland, and most of Europe cooking amazing dishes and showing others what they can do. I put flavor, love and tears into my food. My flavor may sneak up on you hence my name the “Culinary Ninja”.

I was trained in pastry, butchery, and fish. I was trained in food standards, additives A and E, and preservatives. I needed to learn these because one of my daughters was born with many food allergies as well as a severe skin disorder. She had over 100 food allergies; the most invasive one was gluten. I trained myself on gluten levels and glucose levels in things to adapt the nutrition but not change the flavor.

I love showing people how to cook and watching their faces when they see the different methods of cooking. For example, pastry – there are so many ways to make one type of pastry – filo pastry – savory pastry – puff pastry to name a few. I love showing people the differences in sauces and the types of stages to making au jus, stocks, etc.. as well as the slow cooking process. In a kitchen I love a challenge and executing a menu, producing the best you can. When hearing people compliment you, it makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile. I love food. I live for food. It is my passion

The FlowerPower Coffee company was founded following the success of the first ever legal cannabis sativa infused dinner in New York City.