Hippies at heart Our mission is to provide coffees and edibles that will enhance the life experience of health-conscious consumers through the use of legal, non-mind altering infusions. We value the importance of giving back to the community, creating new jobs within Flower Power and our affiliations/partners, supporting worthy non-profits, and fundraising to benefit the community. We believe in the value of friendship, education and working with companies who have great products and/or with whom we can collaboratively develop innovative products.

Leighton Knowles
President CEO

Leighton James Knowles has over fourteen years of business, retail and public speaking. His culinary experience includes working alongside/training with chefs from television, before bringing his expertise to the United States. His passion for cooking and the medical benefits of cannabis led him to create the first ever CBD infused dinner in NYC on April 20th, 2017. Following the success of this event Chef Knowles formed Flower Power Coffee Co. He has spent the last two years building a company based on education, medicine and family values.

Chuck Siegel
Strategic Advisor

Chuck’s success with launching and managing startups began in 1992 as the VP of Sales and Marketing for New World Technologies, where he increased revenue from $0 to over $32 million annually. New World was the recipient of INC Magazine’s “INC 500 Award” for being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.
Chuck then led the sales and marketing efforts of MicroSmart Computer Corporation, increasing revenues from $2 million to $12 million annually. This success led to the company’s profitable acquisition.
As a business consultant, Chuck combined his experience in marketing, sales and business management to develop the Profit Builder Marketing System, a program designed to help clients optimize their marketing success and profitability.
Chuck entered the cannabis space in 2015 as a Founder and CEO of BloomBoss, an LED grow light manufacturer bootstrapping the company since inception until a successful capital raise of $1.4m.
Chuck’s strategic skills and success in business development, sales and marketing help to ensure that Flower Power Coffee Company™ becomes a leader in the industry.

Dr. Craig Leivent
Doctor Of Pharmacology

Dr. Leivent, with his doctorate in Pharmacology and degree in Botany, brings the ideal combination of modern medicine and plant chemistry together. His 20 years of clinical experience treating patients in multiple settings and with very diverse diseases has given him a unique outlook on health. He also owns a recreational dispensary in Oregon and Flower Power Coffee, a CBD infused coffee company in New York.He has been studying the benefits cannabis has on the human body from anecdotal evidence to clinical research. His great passion in bringing healing to people, coupled with his research and experience, has made him an advocate for the benefits of CBD. Craig is a native New Yorker, born and raised, and loves the ocean and travelling. He spends his free time with his wife and three children usually holding a cup of French vanilla bean in his hand.

Terry N. Bouvier
Vice President, Operations

Terry brings to the table 20+ years of experience as a Business Advisor, Project Manager and Process Engineer. Terry has consulted for several Forbes-100 companies such as Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch, Office Depot, Home Shopping Network, American Greetings and Advance Auto to streamline their retail operations and improve business efficiency. He has a proven track record of balancing strategy with detailed hands-on execution to deliver business results and growth. In his spare time, Terry loves international cuisine, is an avid explorer and has traveled to all 6 major continents in search of new adventures and experiences. His favorite coffee is a bold, dark roast espresso, no cream, no sugar.

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